Tuesday, September 23, 2008

JavaScript Best Practices, or "JavaScript: The Good Parts"

The book, "JavaScript: The Good Parts" will be useful to both beginners and experienced JavaScript programmers who want to create better JavaScript code.

"JavaScript: The Good Parts" is a slim volume (153 pages) that clearly explains a number of best practices for JavaScript giving the "why" and the "how" for dozens of issues such as creating objects, using JSON securely, dealing with regular expressions, checking your code using JSLint, and avoiding "attractive nuisances" such as "implied globals." I only wish the author had included something on setting up unit-test frameworks for JavaScript (see for example, Scriptaculous.)

JavaScript is a programming language growing in importance every day - increasingly complex systems such as GMail, Google Maps, and MobileMe depend heavily upon it.
The guy who wrote this book, Douglas Crockford, is a "senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo!" and is the fellow who introduced JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and created JSLint, a JavaScript style-checker (static code analyzer.)

"JavaScript: The Good Parts" (Douglas Crockford)

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