Monday, September 29, 2008 launched.

My team launched a website with all the documentation for Final Cut Server this past Monday.


farid said...

Congratulations!!!!! Looks very good!

Unknown said...

I read that you are the

"Lead engineer for a team at Apple which is adapting a set of existing tools for XML-based single-source authoring/publishing."..

I am currently looking for a single source / authoring tool on MAC OS ..similar to framemaker or alikes... could you point me in the right direction and/or when is the Apple product you are working on coming out ?
Thanks for your help.
pendulumcc at yahoo dot co dot uk

(I'm an author that wants to publish to html, pdf and LMS system and give editable manuscript to publisher all from single source without spending a fortune.)

Matisse Enzer said...

I cannot comment on the internal tools that Apple is using. I can point you to a general book about single-source documentation, "Single Sourcing" by Kurt Ament.