Saturday, December 09, 2006

countperl - count lines, packages, subs and complexity of Perl files

I recently released a new version of Perl::Metrics::Simple (0.03) that includes the countperl script. The program reports on how complicated your Perl code is - giving you direction on where to start refactoring it to make it easier to understand, debug, and maintain. Try to keep the McCabe Complexity at 9 or less for every subroutine and "main" section of your code.
countperl is a command line tool that you execute with a list of one or more files andor directories. The program examines the named files and recursivesly searches named directories for Perl files.
The countperl program produces a report on STDOUT of total lines, packages, subroutines/methods, the minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, and median size and mccabe_complexity (aka cyclomatic complexity) of subroutines and the 'main' portion of each file (everything not in a subroutine.)

Output Format

Line counts do not include comments nor pod.
The current output format is human-readable text. For example, a report based on analyzing three files might look like this:
 Perl files found:                3

total code lines: 856
lines of non-sub code: 450
packages found: 3
subs/methods: 42

Subroutine/Method Size
min: 3 lines
max: 32 lines
mean: 9.67 lines
std. deviation: 7.03
median: 7.50

McCabe Complexity
Code not in any subroutine::
min: 1
max 1
mean: 1.00
std. deviation: 0.00
median: 1.00

min: 1
max: 5
avg: 1.00
std. deviation: 1.36
median: 1.00

Tab-delimited list of subroutines, with most complex at top
complexity sub path size
5 is_perl_file lib/Perl/Metrics/ 11
5 _has_perl_shebang lib/Perl/Metrics/ 13
5 _init lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple/Analysis/ 30
4 find_files lib/Perl/Metrics/ 11
4 new lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple/ 10
4 is_ref lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple/ 8

Chris Chedgey has a posting that describes a common situation - you have accumulated a huge pile of "complexity debt" - well, using countperl is one tool to help "keep a lid on it."

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