Sunday, September 03, 2006

Count Perl Code

I've started working on a module to analyze perl code report of files, lines, packages, subroutines, etc.

A report could look like this:

% path/to/directory/of/perl/code

files: 39
lines: 15929
packages: 39
subs: 336

The module is (very tentively) named Perl::Code::Analyze and uses
Adam Kennedy's PPI module for the real work.

A (very) alpha version of the module is at

Here's an example of a script that would use Perl::Code::Analyze
to produce the report shown above:


use strict;
use warnings;
use Perl::Code::Analyze;
my $analzyer = Perl::Code::Analyze->new;

my $analysis = $analzyer->analyze_files(@ARGV);

my $file_count = $analysis->file_count;
my $package_count = $analysis->package_count;
my $sub_count = $analysis->sub_count;
my $lines = $analysis->lines;

print <<"EOS";

files: $file_count
lines: $lines
packages: $package_count
subs: $sub_count



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