Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Test-Driven Development in the Physical World

It's occurred to me that we routinely practice Test Driven Development in the physical world, such as building houses.

Consider how we use a "test first" approach in construction:

Typically, if you want a hole in the wall 30 inches below the ceiling:
1. You take a ruler and make a mark on the wall 30" below the ceiling.
2. You drill a hole where the mark is.
3. If your hole is where the mark is/was, your test passes, otherwise, go to step 1.

Now consider what that would be like without doing it "test first":

1. You drill a hole in the wall.
2. You measure hole far from the ceiling the hole is.
3. If the hole is 30" from the ceiling, you win . Otherwise, go to step 1.

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