Sunday, March 26, 2006

Net Neutrality - where are we now?

Does this sound familiar:
The battle is about who will build, own, use and pay for the high-speed data highways of the future and whether their content will be censored.
Roger Karraker wrote that in his 1991 article, "Highways of the Mind" and the article is still relevant today. Have a look.

(See also: The Communications section of The WELL gopher.)

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Roger said...

Thanks for remembering, Matisse. You'll recall that while I wrote the article there was a lot of collaboration. I often think back to our prescience in identifying the political stumbling blocks.

At that time we were seven years into the dismemberment of AT&T into the seven Baby Bells. Now we're more than half-way back to a monopoly (or at least an oligopoly) that cares nothing about public access.