Sunday, July 31, 2005

VIP - New Perl Editor Project

Kaare Rasmussen told me about a new CPAN project led by Nadim Ibn Hamouda El Khemir called VIP:

The goal of the VIP project is to produce a first class Perl editor that
can be used as a component in a (yet to be developed) IDE. We will try
to write vip so it will build on the strong points of of Perl 5 and 6.

Our first step is to provide the editor itself. It will consist of the
core engine and have (at first) three interfaces; used from Perl itself,
a text based (curses) and a graphic (gtk) interface.

Apart from the usual features, such as syntax coloring and
templates/wizards, we plan to include innovative features, like support
for Pair Programming, and to make it extremely configurable and
pluggable (integration with Sprog ( will
be one way to extend Vip).

The project is currently in the initial phase and we expect to have a
working draft within the next couple of months.

We can always use help. To test it out, find bugs, propose features and
write documentation, plugins and code.

The project has a name on CPAN:, a home page
(http://...) and a discussion forum (

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Rakesh said...

It's great news CPAN guys are developing Perl Editor - VIP. I'm eagerly waiting for this.